Welcome to Tailwind Wealth
We do things differently, and it all starts with YOU.

Your risk appetite, achieving your dreams, with your custom portfolio. YOU are at the center of our process, always.

Douglas Beck, CFA


Challenge #1: Oftentimes we’re our own worst enemy

  • Humans have a natural tendency to feel pain more than they feel joy of gain

  • The result is that many investors avoid or even pull out of the market when prices have declined, and rush back in after they have recovered.

Challenge #2: The industry model is broken

  • The typical "success metric" for a financial advisor is how much money they have under management - not performance or client satisfaction.

  • In addition, the industry falls far short on assessing most investors' true risk profile - defaulting instead to a self-proscribed "Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive"

Challenge #3: You are not able to be an expert in everything

  • Investing successfully is more than a part-time job

  • Finding and retaining a skilled and experienced investment advisor is just as critical as finding the right doctor, lawyer, or realtor... maybe more so in certain instances!

Tailwind solves for all three challenges:

#1: We assess your personal risk tolerance and invest accordingly

#2: Tailwind controls capacity - maximum of 50 households per advisor

#3: Tailwind significantly increases communication and transparency