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Welcome to Tailwind Wealth
We do things differently, and it all starts with YOU.

Your risk appetite, achieving your dreams, with your custom portfolio. YOU are at the center of our process, always.

Douglas Beck, CFA


Experience the Tailwind Difference:

  • First we get to know you

    • Goals (retirement timeline, lifestyle, etc)​

    • Risk tolerance (we don't want your investments keeping you up at night!)

  • Second we build a diverse portfolio customized to your goals and risk tolerance​

    • No models and "one size fits many" like most competitors... close is not good enough!​

    • We constantly seek to maintain a diverse set of investments, in order to better offset challenges like inflation and avoiding doing what everyone else is doing ("groupthink")

  • Third we communicate with you directly, frequently and in plain English!

    • No more need for an interpreter... how did you do, why did the portfolio perform like that, and are we on track!​

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