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Foot Tracks on Sand

Investment Process

Step One: 

Before we reposition your portfolio, we assess your own personal tolerance for risk. Outlined in the video to the right, this has proven to be a highly-effective approach to riding out the inevitable volatility and avoiding "jumping out" just at the wrong time, also to miss the long-awaited rebound.  

(NOTE: "unmute" video in lower left-hand corner of video screen to turn on volume)

Your Destination and Dreams... on one page!!!

Now that we know your Risk Number, let's have fun and talk about where you want to go... what is on your "bucket list," and when do you want to retire?

Let's not overcomplicate with 30+ page reports full of numbers and cash flow tables that don't make sense!



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Business Meeting

Final Step: portfolio design

We've established WHAT YOU OWN... all financial assets, real assets, liabilities and future cash flows...

GOALS & OBJECTIVES have been captured, and will be adjusted over time...

RISK TOLERANCE has been dialed-in to your unique level...

Now Tailwind is able to structure your portfolio in a cost-effective, diversified and dynamic manner.  

  • We review how you've done on a quarterly basis, and just as importantly how you're tracking toward your goals and objectives

  • We use PLAIN ENGLISH... no gobbledy-gook techno speak or industry jargon

  • We encourage all clients to reach out at any time, with any question... you are entrusting us with your hard-earned savings... we are here for you 24/7

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